Monday, August 15, 2011

"I hate to say it i don't"

So i don't actually know this horses i have decided to call him/her.....Steve.

Steve says "Thank you PETA for your wonderful work in helping me not get slaughtered in the US, that was very thoughtful. However my idea of not getting slaughtered somehow did not include the image of me getting shipped off to Mexico and slowly bleeding to death. It also did not include me starving to death...
Thanks bitches!!"

And i quote:
"The GAO reports that what was supposed to decrease horse cruelty turned out to have a devastating effect on the welfare of horses and is now urging action on the horse slaughter stoppage as they have found that since the cessation:
Export of horses for slaughter to Canada and Mexico has increased by 148 and 660 percent respectively

A staggering 138,000 horses are still slaughtered each year, roughly the same number as before the cessation of domestic slaughtering, but under much crueler conditions

Prices of lower-to-medium priced horses decreased by 8 to 21 percent

The number of abandoned or neglected horses has increased by 60 percent "

Ummmm Hello!!! isn't this what most actual, knowledgeable horse people predicted would happen?? When a bill that relates to animals welfare goes across a desk does anyone in the big oval office, or even a secretary bother to consult people that have been in the business for a long time?? Who know what goes down and all the other dirty gory details?? Apparently not. If they had this whole mess could have been avoided.

Another little factiod about slaughter:
"Horses now travel significantly greater distances, while regulation on the transportation is very deficient as:
It allows movement of blind horses, heavily pregnant mares and injured horses

Double-decked trailers with ceilings so low that the horse injure their heads are commonly used

Horses are packed in so tightly, without segregation, that many horses are injured or even die during the ride

Lack of proper food, water and rest, cause exhaustion in journeys that last longer than 24 hours

It is often extremely unsafe and results in horrible accidents"

No Shit Sherlock......


Dressager said...

LOL Seriously, what genuine horse person COULDN'T have told people that?

As for PETA, let us not forget: "Oh let's free all the cows/pigs/chickens/goat/llamas/whatever-is-in-there-that's-going-to-be-eaten from that factory farm! Wow, watch them all come out in the thousands! What? Nobody wants several thousands unhandled and useless livestock? Shoot, we can't cull them, even though that would be more humane, because then we would look like we didn't think things through! Let's just dump them on somebody and walk away from the situation very quickly!"

I like the HSUS and WSPA. They do a good job of thinking things through and making long-term changes.

Megan said...

I feel so bad for those horses. Some of those conditions are absolutely appalling! People need to use their heads and hearts a little more!

Paigley said...

i would say use their heads more......we have a little TOO much heart using up in here