Sunday, August 21, 2011

Heather Clinic

Well this post is really late because i wanted to wait for pictures and video from the clinic... however on the way back home the cord for the camera broke (it had a fight with a car door .... the door won) so instead i will post the video and pictures when the new less confrontational cord comes in. (fixed it!!)

"Well I would like to start off... Hi my name is meredith and a heather addict."
"Hi meredith...."
We started off with my position, Heather had me "push my chest into her hand" which means leave your shoulders where they are and only move the.... uh front area of your chest forward. But you cant just push it forward and thats it you also have to engage the muscles right under your ribcage to stabilize the push forward.
This little nifty trick fixes lots of problems at the same time. It fixes my shoulders, i have a tendency to have a very round turtle-like shoulders, but by leaving my shoulders alone and pushing my chest forward it makes my shoulders go back and then stabilizes the whole thing so i can then keep my shoulders back. Thats always been a big issue for me.

Then we went on to collected canter, because i've been having issues with it. She told me that i needed to lean forward just a smidge on the up beat of the canter. And to engage my knicker tendons and anchor my knees on the saddle and pull my seatbones back more to encourage her to be more floaty in her movement and step higher rather than just get slower while weighting her front end. The difference was incredible, she didn't feel like her normal indie canter it was completly different. Lots of auditors commented on how different she looked, it was amazing.


Megan said...

That's exciting that it sounds like you had a breakthrough with your collected cancer!

Paigley said...

I did, i just hope it sticks!! XD