Thursday, October 28, 2010


That's right, today was dressage fail.....
India behaved like a squirrel on caffeine......
it was baaaaaaad...........

She kept contact very nicely though...i mean she had some really brilliant moments where everything just fell into place
then there was the "OHSHIT!!!nobrakesdon'trunintotheWAAAALLLL!!!!" moments.


Lots of it was my fault, i was rough with my hands, because i had no brakes......i love having brakes. Because i was rough with my hands indie got nervous and flipped out losing more brakes. and so the cycle continued........
then it got dark and she started flipping out at everything, so i moved to the lit arena where she fell to pieces.......... and i finally just cantered around until she got some energy out and we cantered one good circle did a canter-walk (a really good one i might add) and quit right there.

Even though we had some hairy moments she was brilliant the rest of the time, i got some of the best quality trot i've ever gotten

Sooooo not total fail.......

But i am publically saying that
I Need Help!!!
i can't train this horse all by myself anymore, i don't need anyone else to ride her i can do that part. I just don't know where to go from here. I know the feeling i need to get i just don't know how to get it without making my horse have a meltdown......and i feel terrible about it.

Now that i have a job i'm going to start coughing up the 100 dollars every couple weeks and convince the rents to trailer the pony's butt up the expensive trainer, when dorothy's not here.

*Also please enjoy this not fail*

Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick Update!!

Basically i've just been working on stretching out her butt muscles and refining the aids. Exciting i know.....

i've also been actually seriously working on travers more. she can now take about four or five really good steps before it all goes to pot. success!!
also really been focusing on lateral work at canter because its been lacking in the past.

Now on to the refining the aids part, running away is not allowed neither is turning corners like a motorcycle, even though riding motorcycles is really fun. Its not on a horse. the thing i've been focusing the most on has been her relaxing and accepting the contact without pushing the base of her neck back at me. its been slowly getting better, if i don't ask "big" about every couple minutes, i have to start over and just halt and keep asking over and over again. BUT!! (hehe the big butt) she has been getting the hang of it and the amount of time i have to solely work on it has been decreasing each ride.

And on the weather was actually 70 degrees today!!! i almost forgot what 70 felt like, its been the high 90s for so long.
 i. love. cold. weather.