Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Back to the Vet School

Welp its been a super fun and enjoyable year for horses (all sarcasm of course)

Rave has now been in heat for 4 or 5 weeks and poor thing is miserable. Shes very herd bound, losing weight, winking constantly, peeing everywhere, back pain, tying up, and just generally not being able to relax. AT ALL. EVER.
Riding her is pretty pointless right now because all I'm doing is damage control.
I made an ultrasound appointment for her next Tuesday and we'll see whats actually going on in her ovaries. My vet is pretty convinced she has some kind of tumor cyst things in there causing her hormones to be all sorts of out of wack. Luckily if it's what he thinks it is then the fix is a simple shot of progesterone. The other option we're looking at is just going ahead and taking her ovaries out. If there are tumors then those puppies are coming out! If they are more cyst-like then progesterone shots. Either way breeding her wouldn't be a good idea and I would never breed her unless I ran her through an inspection and she passed. The world doesn't really need anymore thoroughbreds  no matter how nice she is. It's easier to just buy a foal or yearling and then know what I'm getting myself into.

As much as everyone likes to tell me you don't ride color, gender, or the shape of their head, I'm sorry but I get along with mares better. I love my girls. I could take or leave geldings. I'm a mare person.
If I bred her and got a colt I would probably end up selling him and that's not really responsible so no breeding anytime soon for me. :P