Monday, May 31, 2010

Dressage Rally!!

Was so much fun!!
So everything goes well at jog outs and then i go to my formal and the person says "oh your a B so do your formal" my heart stops because i have no idea what she's talking about, do my formal?? I then tell her that i am in fact not a B but a D3 (for those of you not in pony club, a B is the second highest rating one can achieve a D is the lowest. the ratings go like this D1, D2, D3, C1, C2, C3, B1, B2, A, i think thats how it goes if i need correcting please dont hesitate)
then they kept insisting that i was a B and i couldn't possibly be a D3, i then show them my nametag and armband where it clearly states that i am in fact a D3. Disaster averted they then got the right sheet and i didn't fail my formal :)
The first ride was first level test two and i was really nervous and i guess indie picked up on it and spooked at M, i forgot that one is not to speak during a dressage test, i might have called my horse an ass in front of the judge.

My Bad.

the rest of the test was very nice though and i pulled a 57% out of a hat.
The second test  was first level test four and this one went much much better. I rode my guts out pretty much nailed everything except for one simple change, i didn't shift her ribcage over enough and she picked up the wrong lead we got the correct lead back though in only about two or three strides, yeah!!
And my first halt in that test got a 10. a 10!!! OMG!! i was pretty excited :)
that test i got a 62% pretty good for our first show at first level, if i say so myself!!

Then on sunday the freestyle. I did a latin themed freestlye that had Mambo #5, Hips don't lie, and Cafe by the Sea, all instrumental. For this i got a 69%. The judges loved it!! the lowest score we got for it was a 6.5. I found out that i love doing freestyles if you ever get the chance to do one go for it!! and i would show everyone a video but four people tried to film it and all of their cameras died almost at the same time, i guess it was not meant to be. Poop. oh well i get to do it again in virginia..
even though i was the only one trying to qualify at first level, that doesn't matter because i still qualified and got the highest freestyle score out of everyone.

now i'm off to sleep for the next two weeks, Goodnight!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Exams + dressage rally+ job interview + new school + getting yelled at a lot = Super Excited

so exams start on tuesday and i haven't finished my math final assignment because my teacher won't e-mail the late codes, because apparently that whole "you guys can e-mail me anytime and i will answer" thing is not working out. I hate school. a lot. but its almost over an then i will be a junior!! :)

Dressage Rally:
starts the day after exams end, which is making me super stressed out. however watching August Rush really calmed me down, i love that movie :)  i'm doing first level test two and four and a latin themed freestyle to try and quailfy for nationals!! :D where we will then kick some buttocks. however i will only be going if i first survive exams, crap.

Job Interview:
unfortuantly its not a horse job but it pays better so i think i can deal with that. Its at a party place where they have a giant inflatable room that the kids play in, and it provides cake and drinks and that great stuff. So giant inflatable room, cake, drinks, money, cake, friends, cake. with emphasis on the cakee :) i think this will be a good deal. Whoohooo minimum wage!!!

New School:
Next year i'm starting a different school and i'm really excited because i really don't like the school im at now. So the new school is a public magnet school where i won't have to wear uniforms!! and it will just be much more amazing than the private bubble school.

Getting yelled at a lot:
first Dorothy yelled at me because apparently after almost 17 years of knowing my left from my right i have inexplicably forgotten which is which. Damn. Then my mom yelled at me for "not being responsible" because i don't really know tests two and four, my response was "have you noticed that i have four grade determining exams in two days?!?! just wondering" that resulted in the "your being disrespectful!!" whatever. i'm over that now. i love the woman, but if she's stressed, being far away is the safest option.

So how does this Equal Excited??
because SUMMER IS HERE!!!! and i am determined to be training a teeny tiny wee bit of third level by the start of school, i want my bronze medal!!!
did everyone like how i already claim it as mine?? i liked it.
so yesss thats whats up right now. wish me luck!!