Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here's a video for you vultures ;)

Yep me and indie!! you can mute the video, it won't hurt my feelings :)
I however would just like to point out that India was a bit tired before i got on, because she had decided to run around in the pasture like a neurotic show jumper and her pasture antics were not going to hamper my plans for riding.

Ok i'm going to shut up and let you watch the video.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Was Sickly :(

I'm so sorry guys, i was sick for about two weeks and just didn't ride at all, and by the way that's a really bad picture but it's the only one my friend took that wasn't on the other side of the arena (which is huge by the way, picture doesn't do it justice) making us look like little flys over there.

After i got better though we started progressing leaps and bounds!! :D
We started working on more serious lengthenings and......drum roll please........haunches-in.
Its at the same time one of the the most difficult movements and one of the easiest movements i've ever ridden. It takes so much work to get her correct with her haunches in towards the inside, but once i get it its like we've been doing it our whole lives. Of course one side is easier than the other, but that's to be expected.
We also started working on sitting down and really elavating her front end, before she was almost level with some moments of downhill. No more will downhill ever be acceptable, it's uphill all the way!! :D

And shoulder-in has been confirmed!! yeah!! so i have about 1/4th of second level....and about 2/3rds of first level (darn lengthenings!!)

AND!! i have unofficially been offered a working student position at the big fancy dressage barn down the lane!!! The trainer i'll be getting lessons from is a Grand Prix rider who is fantabulous!!
I'm also now riding another ladies horse, named Austa. Who is a second level drop out, she was injured and kind of has selective listening abilities and her owner, bless her heart only walks and really doesn't know how to ride dressage yet, she's getting there though. So Austa needs some tuning up.