Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Karmas a Bitch

So short story of the day brings me back to first grade,
where i was mercilessly teased and bullied because i loved horses and me and my friends would "play horse"
I remember on numerous occasions coming home from school sobbing because they were so mean.

Well a couple clicks on facebook took me to their pages, where i discover, with unsuppressed glee that they are now dating girls who ride horses. Not only do they ride horses but they drag their boyfriends (the jerks who were so mean to me) to said horse shows, in the cold, the rain, and the blistering heat where they are employed at the lowest levels on the groom spectrum.

Their girlfriends all do hunters and not even good hunters, i'm talking about low level schooling shows. I could kick their butts any day of the week, and i'm a dressage rider!!

karma is a bitch boys, karma is a bitch....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rolled Leather.......

My first experience with a rolled leather bridle was at a horse show and a friend of mine was running late and asked me to put her horse's bridle on. She handed me her bridle and dashed off to the tack room, well hopped off to the tack room as she was also trying to take her pants off at the same time, but i digress.

 i go to put this contraption on her horse's head (she was using a snaffle though not a double) and he's having none of it, as i'm chasing this gelding around the stall, because the day before he'd broken his halter but even though he was a thoroughbred his head was gigantic! No one had a halter that would fit him *sigh*
When i finally catch him the bridle is so tangled i cant make heads or tails of it..... Still not sure how that happened........
However we finally figure it out and off she goes, that started my dislike of rolled leather.

And then i had to clean one....... lets just say i missed so many spots it didn't look like anyone had cleaned anything except for the noseband because this particular one had a rolled leather browband. Now the dislike had graduated to strong  dislike.

Then theres the cracks. If you get a crack in one of these suckers your screwed because the cracked leather can be ripped apart with your hands, i know i accidentally ripped one.

Strong dislike is now hatred.....

Not to mention the fact that I think their ugly...... and that they make the horse's nose look huge. Ewww

Anyone else have any tack fashion hatreds?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh hello there horse of my dreams.....

this sucker's by Blue Hors Don Romantic and is out of a Rambo mare. Unfortuantly he is sold to some super lucky person, that i am incredibly jealous of.
Oh well i guess i'll have to find another one like him :D
Horse Porn here I come!!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Once long ago there was a horse, this horse was black as coal and had an innate courage that could not be surpassed. Many tried to tame this horse, but their cruel methods could neither subdue him nor force his obedience. If the horse could not be ridden by a man then he would have to die, no one could pay to feed a useless horse. However this all changed the day the king’s son met this horse. He came using gentle methods to train the horse and horse learned to trust him. When the horse and boy could move as one, the boy gave the horse a name, Bucephalus. Bucephalus carried the boy, Alexander into battle, across deserts, and into new lands. Alexander conquered them all, and earned the name Alexander the Great. However Alexander never forgot Bucephalus, and when the mighty stallion died of battle wounds Alexander had him buried near a town that from then on bore the name of the horse buried there.

I have always been facinated by Bucephalus, and its always been my dream to own a horse that looks like him. Which is a little like saying "i wantz The black stallion!!!!"
Except lets face it Bucephalus is way more noble and mystical than the black stallion. ;)