Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

TADA!! Bitx2

Well It Came In!! and it fits!!! the only issue i've had is the bits....
We bought a bridoon that looks more like a snaffle, and i can't decide if the bridoon is super huge or if india's mouth is just really tiny....which is a viable possibility, she is quite dainty and lady-like.
And the other issue was directly related to me being a No0b. I put the curb chain on over the bridoon instead of behind it, Duh!! So that got fixed right after this picture.
I didn't really ride her in it i just got on bareback and let her doodle around and get used to multiple bits. She did fine, and as i'm a pretty proficient bareback rider we even did a little dinky western pleasure canter and trot. oil the shit out of it....

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Progressions and Overexcitement.

Well new year, fresh start..... you know...all that jazz.


More important is the progress me and fancy pants have been making as of late.
I've really been cracking down on the fact that she cannot flip a shit everytime we do a transition. That just can't happen, so we've been doing canter-trot transitions till the cows come home. And i might be getting a little too excited about them...
And by that i mean everytime we did a really good one there might or might not have been squealing and dancing.....maybe.
Which garnered lots of attention from the poor western riders around the barn, actually i take that back.
Which garnered lots of attention from the poor western all the poor riders around the barn. No one could figure out what i was so excited about. Because i mean i'm doing second level dressage edging into third level and i'm flipping out because my horse went from canter to trot!!

But when you really think about it, its true! it is funny that we get so excited over such small victories. But dressage is all about humility and if you can't squeal and dance over a canter-trot transition then Dammit!! Dressage would be the worst sport ever!!
I relish my squealing dancing time...

The other big news is the search for Indie's fancy smancy new double bridle :)
I think i've picked it out too, its the Padded Crown Swedish Weymouth Bridle from Dressage Extensions, at first i was scared to look there because they do kind of have a reputation for being very expensive, however i was pleasantly surprised to find that they had some of the cheaper weymouth bridles.  And my favorite part of this bridle is it has lots of padding on the crown piece and not the browband. I mean... what?!?! padding on the browband?? Most browbands don't even touch the horse's head, and these bridle makers are sooo excited that the browband is padded? i just don't understand. Someone please enlighten me...