Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Miss you Badger

This is Badger
i just found out that Badger was put down a couple of days ago. He was 28 and had problems keeping weight on (lack of teeth). His owner was thinking of putting him down anyway but had trouble actually making the call, but a couple days ago he fell and fractured his leg. Badger was a showjumper and routinely jumped over 4 feet (before he was retired) and got his name because he was as stubborn as a Badger. All he could eat for the past few months was mushed up senior feed and we had to give him an entire bucket full of it. Badger stayed in the mare pasture and had his girlfriends (indie, Vacara, and prissy) to keep him company. He was the horse that little kids when they came with their parents would pet. He was a really good boy and will be sorely missed. Love you Badger.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bath Time!!

OK so normally indie doesn't get a bath unless we are going somewhere like a show or the Mary Wanless Clinic :D (gonna be there in 4 days!!) but good Lord in heaven she was FILTHY!!!! i didn't take a picture but i seriously i thought someone had stolen indie and replaced her with a bay (a hairy bay) so after i rode she got a bath (the ride was pretty uneventful) and the whole time was thinking " there had better be carrots after this, normally i don't let people take pictures of me in the shower but my carrot senses are tingling i can SMELL you carrots, i KNOW they are there, they CANNOT be hidden" so after indie got clean i had to give her some of the giant carrots! modeled by annie to give you a picture of how big these things were, indie, i'm pretty sure would have sold her soul for that bag. she also told me that parelli would get results faster if he used these carrot sticks :P
dang i love this horse <3

Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh the noodleiocy continues

yep i own a racehorse............... :)
ok so today i walk out into the pasture and take out the halter which the horses failed to report was the starting signal and OFF THEY GO!!!!! around and around and.....around and the whole time trying to take out the photographer. so after about 5 minutes of playing seabiscut and war admiral (india was seabiscut seeing as she is the 14.2 paint and viki is the 15.2 danish warmblood) tom smith (me) finally tames the crazy racehorses and leads them into their stalls where tom smith suddenly has an identity crisis and switches to the mean evil rider over stepping her bounds and actually trying to do Dressage after the Belmont!!!! what an awful owner i am.......XP
so today aunt annie (she's not really my aunt but what eva) got on india and gave india her new nickname Noodle!! by in the middle of the ride yelling at me "how do you keep her straight she's like riding a wet noodle!!!" haha!!! i must be a better rider than i thought!!!!
so i have once again i have that whole deal you know "two steps foreward.......backward so many steps you fall on your bum" yeah it happened again Back to trying to do a correct leg yeild......again. lets see if i survive long enough to get to mardi gras break (yep whole week off for mardi gras!! be jealous be very jealous)