Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

DSR 2011

So basically.......we kicked ass!!
1st: Horse management
1st: Overall
2nd: In the Freestyle
and winners of the "Mighty Fine Ride Trophy"

I rode first level (.....again) because last time was kinda fail, and i wanted indie to have a good experience this time. And she did so much better. She gets so nervous its hard to even keep her in the arena most of the time. And when she's nervous, she flips her head which results in comments like "unsteady" "unclear" "not submissive"
Despite some yucky comments, we actually did pretty good. Test one got a 62% and test 3 got a 63%. Although you have to note that the second judge scores lower than the first, even with that i think we did very good. Oh and the freestyle got a 71% !!
I tried to qualify again and qualified with my friend Kalie, who you can see on the video riding the cute little palomino. Cannot wait for Champs!! Especially since this will be my last one for pony club. Moment of silence everybody, moment of silence....

because it would be hard to qualify while I'm in ENGLAND!!!

wait a minute girl!!...England?? you don't live in England....
you are correct, i don't. i live in a proverbial flood plain down where de gators be..
so what the heck are you doing in England???
well dear reader, let me educate you...


 Home of...

Royalty and..
a strange obsession with being as creepy as possible....but saving the moment because they put pictures of the people they stalk on dainty tea cups
However!! England is also the home of...
Mary Wanless, who wrote...
Fabulous book.....
Anyways!! Mary teaches..

Heather Blitz, who is going to..
And she and P-monster will be awesome. End of discussion.

So dear reader i am, in fact, moving to..
To work with..
So that one day, i too, will not look like this..