Sunday, March 26, 2017

I've been sick one illness after another. First I had a cold, then a stomach virus, and now I have the flu. I cant wait to graduate and not constantly be exposed to 30,000 + peoples germs, and people who lied about being vaccinated. Oh yes theres a mumps outbreak at my college. A very simple vaccine called MMR could fix that up in no time. Get your vaccines people you are messing with my herd immunity and I am not pleased.

So needless to say between school and trying to succumb to microscopic pathogens I really haven't been riding all that much. But there are some good points, like Zuli went to her new home with my trainer. She's going out in a huge pasture with two other retired mares Luna and Tina. Luna and Zuli are new best buds and Tina is content to scream at both of them if they get too close. She's so much happier being out all the time her personality is coming back in full force.

Me and India have made a huge break through in our contact issues I think we finally located the problem and now have a game plan for fixing it. Meanwhile Rave is still gaining weight at a glacial pace because she doesn't want to eat her rice bran. Because picky.
It's also time that she learn that canter is not upsetting.
So on the books is innumerable canter transitions until they become boring.