Friday, June 23, 2006

The Horses


11 year old Warmblood cross mare.

Currently schooling Second level, beginning to dabble in a little tiny bit of third level.

Owned by Merideth.


5 year old OTTB gelding.

Progressed to training level before being retired because of a severe bone chip. Currently being used as a pasture puff.



26 year old Warmblood gelding.

Grand Prix school master.

Owned by Evie Tumlin

Monday, June 19, 2006

About Me

Hey Everybody!
You can call me Paige, I'm a young dressage rider. I have worked with Mary Wanless, Dorothy Maxfield, Evie Tumlin, Francie Stirling, and most importantly Leslie Salter. These are the amazing people that have influenced my riding the most and i would have gotten no where without all of them.
I am currently riding second level and training third, on my warmblood cross India. She is not the fanciest horse out there but she is a joy to ride and a pain to train. I have trained her since she was three, she is now twelve. I have also ridden schoolmasters and performed some of the higher movements like extended trot and canter, a very large quarter of a canter pirouette, half-pass, flying changes, and passage on accident!
I have also helped train several young prospects, even a western pleasure mare. Training the babies is one of my favorite tasks.
I am also involved in United States Pony Club, i am a rated C1. I have attended Championships in Virginia, where my team won First place overall for first level and up. I won fifth for my freestyle.
This year so far i competed in our regional dressage rally, where we placed first in horse management, first overall, second in the freestyle, and won the "Mighty Fine Ride" trophy.
Next summer i will head off to England to be Mary Wanless's working student for six months to a year. After that i plan on working with either Kyra Kyrkland or Heather Blitz.