Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The countdown to the Heather Blitz clinic is officially three days.....
And i still have to pack....
I really don't want to pack, but i was a good little PC'er and got all my horse stuff organized, my people stuff however.....not so much. The closest i got was i washed half a basket of dirty clothes (((drying them was not included) although i might want to wash them again cause i'm still getting sand and glitter out) loooong story)

So anywayyyy...... i'm so excited about riding with Heather!!!
I've met her about six times and she is so nice (she's also absolutely hilarious) she's also very expensive.... if i ever decide to take a lot of lessons with her i will have to be a working student, literally i can only pay for two lessons and thats four months worth of pay checks (i think i need a different job)

Oh! fun fact: the bay horse is Rambo, (a very successful grand prix stallion Heather rode) when i was about 6 or 7 we went to watch Heather ride and afterwards she let me wash him off (with help of course!) and feed him treats, sweetest stallion i ever met. The new resident stallion Willemoes? not so much.....gorgeous....yes......throws amazing chillens?......yes........good with human children?.....not so much.
One of my Bucket List items is to own a Rambo baby, they are very hot and sensitive, but so beautiful.

You may recognize this horse, he's by Rambo
But if you don't heres another picture

All i have to say on that subject is Todd had better give Heather a very heartfelt thank you
But now i'm off subject, so excited to ride with Heather!!!


Megan said...

Good luck at your clinic! I hope you learn lots and have a good time!

Dressager said...

Good luck at the clinic! My parents would kill me if I spent all that money on a clinic. I, however, would give myself a pat on the back after a full weekend of learning (Charles de Kunffy clinic in October, anyone? lol) ;)

Take lots of pictures and video. It sounds like it's going to be so cool!

Paigley said...

The only reason their letting me do it is because I'm paying for it, as long as I can pay for it they really dont care, because otherwise I'd probably be spending that money on something else like birth control XD