Monday, July 6, 2009

OMG I DID IT........

from this


i did it, i finally relaxed enough to let India really shine. i mean come on look at that she is gorgeous and the first picture is just blechh
she looks just like her daddy :)
except cuter...
and prettier...
and more compact...
and more colorful...
and......more huggable :)
and i el-oh-vee-ee her
she's amazing
i knew she was the whole time but now everyone can see it and i don't think I've gotten more compliments on her ever
all i heard was "she is so relaxed and happy she must really like dressage"
and "she is so pretty"
oh yes that she is

now what was i saying about FEI junior test??


oh yeah

watch out

there's a storm coming

there's a storm

practically a hurricane

but smaller
so i guess more like a tropical storm

see ya in 6 days :)

i love you indie <3

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canter Issues

I swear it's not me!! me

OK i feel really dumb
but this happens every time we have an issue
so what's really wrong is me (darn it...)
i have been shifting her to the outside to ask for canter and putting weight on her inside leg
which is the one i was trying to get *smackshead*
OK new plan
shift to the inside and keep her straighter

And did i mention that we rode in the indoor??
yes we did!!
and India was supah!!!
we did some seriously awesome shoulder-in, and leg-yields

Her trot is finally where i want it, she is listening to my half-halts and is staying with me
before it almost felt like she was trotting out from under me (not a good feeling)
so just hang in there with us we are gettin closer every ride

OK show schedule 2009

July: cancelled :P

September: Harmony Farm schooling show

October: Tala Lake schooling show

November: Harmony Farm schooling show numero dos

December: Tala Lake Schooling show numero dos

Which one, which one?? :]
i think it's gonna be the november Harmony farm and the december tala lake
India just needs some more show experience before we start doing first level shows and rated shows

What do you guys think??