Saturday, June 27, 2009

Theory Numba Two

Alright time for a second theory :)

i know way too many theories (she's probably just being bitchy, but i like this theory

Get ready for it.......


India is tired of doing dressage all the time

(frankly so am i, i love dressage but sometimes i get really tense and it doesn't end well)

i know you are all wondering how i came up with this brilliant theory

aren't you??

OK well we went on a really long and mud filled trail ride

See?? lots of mud

and i asked India to canter (in the only non-mud filled area)

and off we go cantering away (on the right lead!!!)

F you, horse

F you

and then i jumped a little log!!

i would show you guys a picture but my friends were laughing too hard to take one

it was about 18 inches and wasn't even a real cross country jump, it was a limb that fell next to a cross-country jump. But I'm telling you i thought i was gonna die!! (from laughing so hard)

and once again off we go cantering on the right lead

thanks horse

(you never said i had to canter in the arena, i thought you meant a little later)

so on that note India's gonna get a visit from the vet to see if she can officially start to jump again

yea!! vet visits!! :(

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I blame the turnout!!

I do. I blame the turnout situation, for india's canter issues.
Here's my logic (so far.......)
A: india is not being turned out enough
B: paddock was disgusting
C: india goes crazy when i try to canter
so..... A+B+C= India is going crazy because she is not being turned out and has too much energy
That's my logic and i'm sticking to it......unless of course turning her out doesn't help, then i'll have to come up with another plan.
Let me explain exactly what she is doing. I ask for canter and she trots faster, i try again and use stronger aids again she trots faster, this continues until she explodes and canters around like an idiot. I am asking just like i did before: inside seat bone goes forward outside goes back, let her have a little rein and kick.
you know on second thought...........i think my logic might be flawed...........a little bit
But i still want to rule it out, so i'm going to try.

Monday, June 22, 2009

FEI junior test HERE WE COME!!!!

Wow India was amazing today!!
i started with walk halts then moved on to leg-yield halt leg-yield then did some stretchy trot swoops (many circles/ things) and by this time she was already waiting for me and soft AND moving off my left leg about as well as she ever's still not perfect...but I'll save that for a later date.
So i started sitting trot and it was effortless!!, sitting trot has always been really easy for me but today effortless, i could have sat her trot for hours (if it hadn't been 97 degrees) And for about two weeks i have been trying to get her to listen to me better. No not to go forward, but to BRAKE!!
And today i felt like i really OWNED IT!! that's right half-halts i OWN YOU!!! and whoa i OWN YOU TOO!!! MUHAHAHA!!!!!
sorry :]

Just give me about two years to conquer the gate into the indoor arena and we will be kicking their FEI ASSES!!!!!

So on to lateral work......whats there to say besides stunning!! :)
she even did shoulder-in going right AND canter the SAME ride!!!
speaking of canter we did it both directions (yea!!!) we've been having trouble picking up the correct leads
( i keep wanting to say right lead as in the correct lead but then i realize that right is also a direction *smackshead*)
so today we just kept at it until she got it, then got praised profusely by that crazy midget on her back that insists on the correct lead ;)
And to top it off i was looking at the USDF directory first level test one and realized with the exception of lengthenings i could do that test in my sleep!! (depending on if india wants to canter that day O_0)
(and now some lyrics from the musical Chicago)
There's really nothing to it!!! i just simply cannot do it alone!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another OTTB

Sinduda isn't that the coolest name, 5yo dark bay gelding yea!!! the gelding bus has made another stop!!, 15.3hh yea!!! playful personality, sound yea!! don't see that to often , too slow to be a successful racehorse.Asking $2000 Horse is located at Pleasanton Track, Pleasanton umm.....where is pleasanton, CA pretty pony, pretty pony, why liveth so far away, pretty pony??
ok as always
red is bad bad bad

green is oh goody!!

pink is kinda not good

blue is my comments

isn't he a cutie?? i think i like this one better than the last one. (at least he's gelded)

and the price would be about the same as the last one after you gelded the other one, so price isn't a big deal, wow the only bad thing i found was he lives in california (too far away if you ask me)

i REALLY want this one!! look how cute he is!! does anyone want to buy him for me for my birthday?? takers?? thanks guys, love you too :P

BUT!!! (theres the BIG BUTT!!!! *snickers* sorry inside joke......moving right along)

if YOU, yes you want to buy him or check him out you can call Owner/Trainer Ron Wallace 510-307-6719

(ps: to find him scroll ALL the way to the bottom, i promise he is down there.....somewhere)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hot as H-e double L

It was so hot today. And the temperature thingy was lying to me it said 86 degrees.....LIES!!!! It was not 86 DEGREES today it was more like 205 degrees, i know what 86 feels like, NOT 86.

I am working a horse camp this summer, so i was at the barn from 8:00 to 5:30 (half of that was watching chillens and eating Popsicles :). there was one little boy who couldn't get his pony to move and just about cried! He is my little man :). We kept telling him to kick her and get mad but he couldn't reach her sides so he just sat there flapping around. I love that little kid, and another pony that combined are my little men!! I love them.

So on with India, i rode in the dressage arena (it was really hot...) and we did some really slow canter :) that is exciting because i recently got India to GO!! darn it!! she's tracking up!! she just won't slow down, it's the recurrence of that stupid pendulum...but we did a ten meter circle stop before the rail and it worked!! YEA!!!!

i'm tired night-night :)