Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dorothy's here everybody make sure your circles are perfect!!

don't i just have the loverlyest horse ever!!

ok so dorothy came today and everytime dorothy comes everybody pulls out all the dressage books that tell you how to make perfect circles cause if you don't your gonna get your behind whipped!! the reason for this dorothy is a hilda gurney student.....nuff said. if you don't respond immediatly she makes the most horrible noise kinda like NANANAAAA!!!!! and trust me after that your halts improve A LOT. now i know a lot of people who won't take a lesson from her because she does yell but what can i say i'm a fifteen year old gutten for punishment i can't get enough!! i just feel like with the nicer trainers my brain congeals into soft moldy cheese and then ADD kicks in and i start fantasizing about how one day i'm going to own a 17 hand oldenburg stallion named Cataclismoes (just to annoy show annoucers hehe..) and we shall dominant dressage beat the germans (no offence) and be champion cross-countryers (cross-countryettes???) AND race against the best racehorses and run the pants off their jockeys and........well you get it. (yea ADD is that bad)

so anyway india was a very tolerent girl and our trot work improved a lot but one thing i did not forsee was india trying to be a rolkur horse i even let the reins out all the way and she would just scrunch in tighter idk very strange. well dorothy fixed that everytime indie does that she gets some bigass spurs scraped up her gut (well maybe not THAT bigass more like, you have spurs on??? *leans in closer* ohhh now i see them!!) although we did have some issues with canter so TEN METER CIRCLES HERE WE COME!!!! and did i mention that you have to canter before the circles done?? otherwise a very good lesson!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


(top left: mmaaaammmmmaaaaa i wanna quit!!!) (top right: maybe if i put my head down she won't make me canter....(unfortunatly that one worked)
so today mrs. annie and me decided to long rein indie and as you can see she was a very good girl although she did try and convince me that long reining wasn't nessecary and i should just go feed her. my job was to run behind her and tap her with the whip when she got lazy and i can tell you right now running behind lazy horse with a whip and trying to take pictures is REALLY hard, heres how you do it #1 have camera in one hand and whip in the other #2 run really fast while tapping horse on butt #3 stop and take a couple pictures #4 run really fast again to catch up
i swear i saw indie roll her eyes at me!!
(dorothys coming tomarrow)