Friday, August 5, 2011

CountDown: One Day!!

One more day (counting today) until i get to ride with my idol!! :D I'm so excited you have no idea.
I'm also a little worried about making a good impression, gotta network ya know ;)
and right about now i really wish indie was in a double bridle...i know it sounds silly but a double is really like a statement item that says "pay attention, i'm serious about this" and not "i'mma doofus in a snaffle!!"
(I'm not hatin on snaffles though, they are God's gift to horse kind)
Like i said its really silly...So it got me thinking, and listening to Phil Collins, thinkin music right thur

And Dammit!! Phil Collins is Right!!

"You can't hurry *dressage*

No, you'll just have to wait

She said *dressage* don't come easy

It's a game of give and take"

So True Phil Collins....So True....


Dressager said...

Frankly, if you look like you're shoving your horse into a double bridle to "look serious", you end up looking more like an a-hole to the clinician, just ask the third-level YR gal at the Steffen Peters clinic I went to haha! Heather Blitz seems to be a knowledgeable rider, not one who is concerned about looks and levels necessarily. Don't worry about it, it'll be fun!

I'm saving up for a Charles de Kunffy clinic that will be twenty minutes away from the new barn in October. Hopefully I'll have as much luck with getting in as you have with this one!!

Megan said...

To be honest, I'm extremely intimidated by the double bridle. I think I have a pretty good connection with my horse, but I know it will be a lot of work to get him comfortable with two bits. He will think I've gone crazy!

Anyway, have fun at your clinic. I'm super jealous!

Paigley said...

Yeeeaaah I think putting your horse in a double too early is just plain stupidity, that was just one of those irrational inner thoughts XD