Thursday, February 4, 2010

DOROTHY!!!!!! :D

Dorothy is coming this sunday!! Last time i rode with her was almost a 6 months ago. Me and Indie have improved so much since then, i think she will be very impressed. Last time i rode with her we were working on getting Indies head out of the atmospere and tracking up. Now we are working on hauches-in. i'm really really excited!! One thing that i have been looking forward to for about a year since i went to the mary wanless clinic and rode with dorothy is showing everyone that me and my little mare can be successful at this whole dressage thing. We can do it, so don't count us out before we start. I think i proved that to the local show-goers last show i went to when we blew everyone else out of the water. Now then, one down two to go.

so i have posted pictures of (in order)
last Dorothy lesson
last Mary Wanless Clinic

So in the first one i look good Indie is another story, and in the second Indie looks good and i am another story. After sunday i'll post the Dorothy before and after pictures and hopefully there will be a big difference.


Dressager said...

Oh how fun! You guys look awesome. I love the last picture. The fun of dressage is that a good ride is it's own reward (well I guess that goes for any discipline). I'll have to go look up Mary Wanless

Dressage Kid said...

How exciting! [: Take lots of pictures and good luck with her! I am way jealous that you are riding.

Anonymous said...

Brim over I to but I think the brief should have more info then it has.

Paigeley said...

you really should go take a look i absolutly love her!!