Sunday, January 24, 2010

I really should become a hermit

My barn rents out the indoor (currently the only place to ride) to people for a fee and they can do whatever the heck they want to and we aren't allowed in. i'm okay with that in fact i love walking indie around them and soaking up some good ole atmospere. but yesterday it just went too far.

they were ropers, i love ropers two of my best friends are ropers and i love them to death, these guys?? not so much. So i'm watching them warm-up and this one young guy looks really good all he had to do was switch saddles and he was doing dressage. And then another guy started riding and he was smoking on his horse. first red flag. then his horse spooked and he started using his rope to beat his horse up for a good five minutes while his horse is flailing around in a panic. second red flag. then another guys horse bolts and he gets him in the shute and starts giving his horse a royal beating for a good five minutes. this happens about three times. third red flag. then second guy (who i have officially re-named jerkwad) goes after a cow and misses and beats his horse up again except this time over its head, just my thought beating a horse who is already in panic mode with a rope over the head is not a good idea. fourth red flag.
After a couple of decent guys go, i hear something that sounds like metal hitting metal very loudly, so i look toward said sound and see jerkwad jerking his horse in the mouth with a bit that would make a knight of camelot proud, i could hear the sound of the bit hitting the horses teeth all the way across the arena. This is about the point where i was so angry i was shaking. Next thing that happens young guy, the one that can ride gets on the bolter and guess what happens?
nothing. the horse is calm and behaves himself. Just goes to show what good riding can do for you. After this i left, i really couldn't watch anymore.
Now i really wish i had gotten it on tape, hind-sight is 20/20.

But wait it gets better!! today i was in the arena and ride around the outside and guess what i find??
Beer, lots and lots of beer. The jerkwad and his cronies brought beer and were probably wasted the whole time.
Thats just great.
As soon as the barn manager finds out, she is going to transform into evil rabid barn manager from hell. I will not be sticking around for that one, i choose life.

And to top it all off Indie was a butt today. She bucked reared shied bolted, and just plain ignored me.
So now that i've ruined everyones day, i suggest intense self-renewal and meditation (preferably served on favorite sofa with a movie and ice cream....mmmm ice cream!!)


Jocelyn said...

oh i hear ya, i get so pissed whn the barn owner rents out the arena to the teenage girl HIgh School Team.

I can ride in there, but its no fun !

20 meter circle of life said...

wow thats sounds awful, I am so sorry your day got ruined that way. Self medicate with ice cream

Paigeley said...

Jocelyn: i feel your pain we can ride in regular lessons (tuesday-friday) and the riders can barely stay on let alone steer, add that to the fact that they cram twenty plus riders in there and its plain dangerous

20 meter circle of life:
i'm just glad that week is over *off to go buy more ice cream*

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