Thursday, February 25, 2010


The horsey dentist came to see indie because she was long overdue. Apparently (as i'm told because i've been sick all week) They had to sedate her big time. Like walking around like a drunken sailor. And as some of you know none of our horses can see the horsey dentist without something going wrong, Roxi sees the dentist tries to throw him against the wall after being sedated, Romanche sees the dentist has to be snubbed to a tree because he thinks the dentist will try and pick ticks out of his ears, baron sees the dentist and tries to kill him, Rosetta was the only good one, but Rosettas perfect, because duh!! she's Rosetta!!
So this time india being the drunken wench that she is bit her tongue and it was bleeding all over the place. As i understand it my mom the nurse was calmer than the dentist, oh great!!
The dentist found some nasty spurs and points on her teeth and she had some ulcers. And now her mouth is all owchie so no riding until friday (which doesn't bother me since i've been sick)
BUT.... that only leaves two days of practice before Dorothy comes back!!, which is good and bad

Good: dorothy's coming!!!
Bad: crap she's gonna yell at me for not practising when i did!! 

so yes this is my life....

but on another good note before all this crap happened, awesome trainer had me start working on collected stuffs Yeah!!!
and i jumped my first whole baby course on india and passed my D2 (i know i'm way behind but its hard when i had my first official jumping lesson the day i did my first whole baby course, cut me some slack over here!!)

now i shall put some real people cloths on, retreat to my living room with dressage day and try to get


photogchic said...

Lots of people blogging about getting their horse dentistry done...I better make an appointment. It is going on 2 years.

Paigeley said...

indie was way overdue
so was our other horse but hers was worse and making riding painful

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you. Stop by the awards page of my blog to pick it up.

BTW Mary Wanless is here the weekend of May 15th! Yah!

Anonymous said...
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