Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Indie loves is.....

So i was inspired by fugly horse of the day to really take a look at what india loves to do. So i have compiled this list of stuff indie loves to do for your viewing pleasure. :)

Eating: number one OMG!!! food=life (we all saw that one coming)

Running: she loves running, like tearin up the arena or field kind of running

Jumping: if i wasn't addicted to dressage indie would be a fabulous showjumper, she is fast and jumps really high for a being 14 hands
(thats a really bad picture, but whatevs)

stretching: she loves to stretch all the time

Un-tying knots: she is the master of knots

Being a camera whore: she secretly loves the camera :)


Dressager said...

Everything save the untying knots = ditto! I do feel bad sometimes that perhaps Greta and should be doing something more along the lines of eventing (I know she would LOVE the xc course), but then I realize that regardless of what we do, basic dressage is fundamental to many disciplines, particularly if you want to jump a course nicely! We'll probably do some wimpy jumps next year, and I do want to learn two-point....

Dressage, it seems more of a fun thing for the people than the horse, doesn't it? I do hear they like riding to music though....

Paigeley said...

i know a horse that did some freestyles to mozart with his old owner, when his new owner was riding one day some mozart came on and he immediatly lenthened his strides and puffed up his chest, he remembered the music from his freestyles. It was really cool to watch!!

GoLightly said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
Perhaps you could learn more about how generalizations actually work.
And grow a sense of humour?

Name me a great rider who started in dressage, and stayed in dressage.
Name me a great trainer who will discourage you from trying other styles of riding.

Are you either?
Good luck with your horse!

Anonymous said...
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