Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i'm about to have a complete brain meltdown over here.
why you ask??
because the mary wanless clinic was cancelled. i can't afford the heather clinic. i don't have a trailer thats useable to get to david. and i NEED HELP!!!!!


as soon as indie starts the cool stuff we get marooned on our little dressage island, so i'm going to peace out to curl up in a ball and slowly rock back and forth.



SoraSoul said...

Poor baby!

I know kind of how you feel =P We've been getting constant freezing rain so, since I don't have an arena much less an indoor, I've been having problems even staying on my feet while I feed and there is absolutely no way I can ride.

I wish you luck with trying to find someone else to ride with, hey at least you're up to the fun stuff right? =D

PassageThroughTime said...

So I definetely just stumbled across you cute blog and I have to say after just reading your 'mottos' I am totally amused!

Good luck on the riding - weather all over the country has been ridiculous this year I swear. One of these days I am just going to move to find me an all-weather arena. Too bad horseback riding isn't a 'spring' or 'fall' sports! [:

Paigeley said...

thanks guys!! :D

everyday i go to the barn i thank God we have an indoor thats huge, there is really nothing like going to the barn in the rain and thinking "thou rain shalt not hamper thy riding plans!!"
i really love where i'm riding now, i feel like i'm finally getting this dressage thing.

thanks!! i think they are very amusing (which is why i love them)
i've heard that recycled tires is an awesome all-weather footing especially mixed with sand. good luck on your search!!