Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year, New look

Yep i decided that everything was gonna be new on this blog.
Notice the header??
yep, i made that :)
notice the side pictures??
yep made those too
notice the footer??
that too

i think it turned out quite well!!

So India update, not much going on in India land....except that we still can't use the paddocks. And i can't use the big pasture because they had to make a waiting list!!
that is beyond ridiculous
and they won't let boarders use the TLEC paddocks (even though they don't use them)
don't get me wrong, i understand the reason behind it, mixing too many horses = strangles *collective shiver*  but when the boarders don't have any place to turn their horses out, it becomes an issue.
Oh well no place is perfect
other than that Indie got two new saddle pads that i found at the bottom of my mothers riding trunk (yeah free saddle pads!!)
yep so that's about it
see you guys later!!


photogchic said...

Blog looks great! Love the cheery colors and pics. One of these days I need to get more creative and attempt that...maybe 2011:-).

Paigeley said...

thanks!! :)
i really like it, if do say so myself

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