Saturday, June 27, 2009

Theory Numba Two

Alright time for a second theory :)

i know way too many theories (she's probably just being bitchy, but i like this theory

Get ready for it.......


India is tired of doing dressage all the time

(frankly so am i, i love dressage but sometimes i get really tense and it doesn't end well)

i know you are all wondering how i came up with this brilliant theory

aren't you??

OK well we went on a really long and mud filled trail ride

See?? lots of mud

and i asked India to canter (in the only non-mud filled area)

and off we go cantering away (on the right lead!!!)

F you, horse

F you

and then i jumped a little log!!

i would show you guys a picture but my friends were laughing too hard to take one

it was about 18 inches and wasn't even a real cross country jump, it was a limb that fell next to a cross-country jump. But I'm telling you i thought i was gonna die!! (from laughing so hard)

and once again off we go cantering on the right lead

thanks horse

(you never said i had to canter in the arena, i thought you meant a little later)

so on that note India's gonna get a visit from the vet to see if she can officially start to jump again

yea!! vet visits!! :(

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