Thursday, June 25, 2009

I blame the turnout!!

I do. I blame the turnout situation, for india's canter issues.
Here's my logic (so far.......)
A: india is not being turned out enough
B: paddock was disgusting
C: india goes crazy when i try to canter
so..... A+B+C= India is going crazy because she is not being turned out and has too much energy
That's my logic and i'm sticking to it......unless of course turning her out doesn't help, then i'll have to come up with another plan.
Let me explain exactly what she is doing. I ask for canter and she trots faster, i try again and use stronger aids again she trots faster, this continues until she explodes and canters around like an idiot. I am asking just like i did before: inside seat bone goes forward outside goes back, let her have a little rein and kick.
you know on second thought...........i think my logic might be flawed...........a little bit
But i still want to rule it out, so i'm going to try.

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