Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hot as H-e double L

It was so hot today. And the temperature thingy was lying to me it said 86 degrees.....LIES!!!! It was not 86 DEGREES today it was more like 205 degrees, i know what 86 feels like, NOT 86.

I am working a horse camp this summer, so i was at the barn from 8:00 to 5:30 (half of that was watching chillens and eating Popsicles :). there was one little boy who couldn't get his pony to move and just about cried! He is my little man :). We kept telling him to kick her and get mad but he couldn't reach her sides so he just sat there flapping around. I love that little kid, and another pony that combined are my little men!! I love them.

So on with India, i rode in the dressage arena (it was really hot...) and we did some really slow canter :) that is exciting because i recently got India to GO!! darn it!! she's tracking up!! she just won't slow down, it's the recurrence of that stupid pendulum...but we did a ten meter circle stop before the rail and it worked!! YEA!!!!

i'm tired night-night :)

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