Monday, June 22, 2009

FEI junior test HERE WE COME!!!!

Wow India was amazing today!!
i started with walk halts then moved on to leg-yield halt leg-yield then did some stretchy trot swoops (many circles/ things) and by this time she was already waiting for me and soft AND moving off my left leg about as well as she ever's still not perfect...but I'll save that for a later date.
So i started sitting trot and it was effortless!!, sitting trot has always been really easy for me but today effortless, i could have sat her trot for hours (if it hadn't been 97 degrees) And for about two weeks i have been trying to get her to listen to me better. No not to go forward, but to BRAKE!!
And today i felt like i really OWNED IT!! that's right half-halts i OWN YOU!!! and whoa i OWN YOU TOO!!! MUHAHAHA!!!!!
sorry :]

Just give me about two years to conquer the gate into the indoor arena and we will be kicking their FEI ASSES!!!!!

So on to lateral work......whats there to say besides stunning!! :)
she even did shoulder-in going right AND canter the SAME ride!!!
speaking of canter we did it both directions (yea!!!) we've been having trouble picking up the correct leads
( i keep wanting to say right lead as in the correct lead but then i realize that right is also a direction *smackshead*)
so today we just kept at it until she got it, then got praised profusely by that crazy midget on her back that insists on the correct lead ;)
And to top it off i was looking at the USDF directory first level test one and realized with the exception of lengthenings i could do that test in my sleep!! (depending on if india wants to canter that day O_0)
(and now some lyrics from the musical Chicago)
There's really nothing to it!!! i just simply cannot do it alone!!!!

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