Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shoulder-ins and Leg-yields

you know those days when you just know something is going to happen?? yea i just knew today i was going to have a good ride, i just knew it!! so today india felt wonderful and reminded me why i ride dressage :) when i asked her to do anything she just said "how much ma'am? and would you like a massage with that?" she kept her head in the right spot and when i asked her to move it it happened immediatly.

we also did a shoulder- in!! the elusive shoulder-in has finally been conquered!! and might i mention that it was done all the way down the long side. i figured out (finally) what the angle for the shoulder-in is, and that i was really over doing it *smacks head* and that i was trying to keep her on the rail with the wrong hand *headdesk* i needed to let her move toward the rail with my outside hand and i was trying to do that with my inside hand *headdoor* and now that i have my hands right i don't have to use so much leg. go figure *headfishtank*

i also did some canter leg-yields which aren't as elusive as shoulder-in, but still pretty elusive, india just cantered right on over to the rail

now that my self-confidense has returned, we focus on more important things like paige is starving, paige needs to eat, india is starving too, paige needs to feed her :)

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