Thursday, April 23, 2009

But i Can't Help it!!!!! Look at Him!!!!

Baby Rusch

Baby Rusch,(that would have to change, i'm thinking Chimera) black bay colt(drool), 16.0(do you think i would look like a pea up there??) hands, 6 years old. Hubba, hubba(a what???) – this horse is a HUNK(I AGREE!!), absolutely gorgeous! Beautifully put together(i love his butt), this boy looks like a power house, but with the elegance for which Thoroughbreds are bred. Baby Rusch is still intact (SAY WHAT!?!?!???)so he could be sought after for breeding ( he could easily be gelded(gelding bus here we come!!) and you’d end up with a horse who has the looks of a stallion(a verryy sexy stallion) and the personality of a pet. This horse is super sweet and respectful(i could use some of that!!) with a very intelligent, but soft eye. His trainer describes the horse as a VERY good mover and from what we saw, we fully agree(me too!!!). The trainer only has the horse’s best interest in mind(awww) and wants to see him go to someone who values the boy the way he does(aawww....again). Unfortunately, he had a suspensory injury last week and full diagnostics have not yet been completed. Based on this type of injury, he will most likely be looking for a non-jumping home (not really an issue i can't jump anyway)and a certain amount of layup(don't you have to do this anyway??) will be required, but this horse is clearly worth it. This horse is STUNNING(swoons), you will not be disappointed! $500,(are they for serious??? i'll pick him up next week!!!) with special considerations to the perfect home.(me!!! right here!!! pick me!!!)
pink= kinda bad
red= bad bad bad
blue= my comments
ok i don't need another horse and i'll never ever in a million years convince my parents to get another horse.....BUT HE'S SOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!! *pouts*
i discovered this boy yesterday and so far no progress has been made toward convinceing the parents to go see him (believe me i have been trying) but i'm not too hopeful with the economy and all, i don't think it's gonna happen (but don't worry if i do get him i will definatly tell you guys ;)
since i probably won't be getting him i really hope someone else will and blog about him (so we can ALL drool over his gorgous pictures!!!)
after seeing this horse i think i'm hooked on OTTBs <3
does anyone want to buy him and let me ride him???
seriously if you want to buy him contact Jeremiah Englehart 516-770-0085
and he will set you up with your own DROOLWORTHY STUD!!!!!
maybe i should post an available OTTB every (what day is it??)...........OH!!!! thursday!!!
(many pretty horses to drool over!!)

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