Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i was feeling left out.....

*wow i really underestimated how much fun that would be*

1. How old were you when you first started riding?

ummm..... about two

2. First horse ridden:

a pony named Noel

3. First horse trotted on:

a QH horse named T Joe

4. First horse cantered on:

my mom's friend's rocky mountain spotted pony, lacy

5. First Horse fallen off of:

Lacy (second time cantering)

6. Most recent horse fallen off of

india (there was a deadly plant intruding into the arena)

7. Most terrifying fall:

i was riding cappachino and he bolted and jumped over the chain around the arena and i lost my stirrups. he raced around half the arena, nearly took out the judge (a 55, i'll show you what we do to judges who give out 55s!!!) and when i finally fell off he kicked my head and killed my helmet (really chino?? that was $75) then i got attacked by a paramedic

8. First horse jumped with:

ponyta, nasty little thing

9. First horse who ran away with you:


10. First horse that scared the crap out of you:

india, she likes to bolt......into trees

11. First horse shown :!)

lacy, we got fourth overall!!

12. First horse to win a class with:

india!! the class only had one person in it, me

13. Do you/have you taken lessons:

yep about once a week

14. First horse you ever rode bareback:

lacy.......bad idea

15. First horse trail ridden with:

lacy, our pastere was a fenced in forest with a pond, so i guess that counts

16. Current Barn name:

doesn't have one, but soon we shall be moving to TLEC!!

17. Do you ride English or western?:

english, i've tried was ok

18. First Horse to place at a show with:

Lacy (see question #11)

19. Ever been to horse camp?:

yep......hated it......all we did was walk in an arena

20. Ever been to a riding clinic?

yes!! i love clinics!!!! mary wanless is my fav!! :)

21. Ridden sidesaddle?

22. First horse leased:

never leased one......unless riding someone elses counts

23. Last Horse Leased:


24. Highest ribbon in a show:

first!!! on indie!!

25. Ever been to an 'A' rated show?:

some might call me stupid but..........whats an A rated show???

26. Ever competed in pony games/relay races?:

yess, on stormy who hadn't been riden in three years and acted like a stallion

27. Ever fallen off at a show

Oh Yes!!! most memorable was on Chino

28. Do you ride Hunter/Jumpers?:


29. Have you ever barrel raced?


30. Ever done pole bending?:


31. Favorite gait:

do i have to pick just one???

32. Ever cantered bareback?:


33. Have you ever done dressage?:

heck yes!!!!

34. Have you ever evented?:

no, but i might be soon

35. Have you ever mucked a stall?:

What kind of stupid question is that?!?!?!?

36. Ever been bucked off?:

yes, indie also likes to buck..........but not anymore....hehehe

37. Ever been on a horse that reared

yep, guess who............indie

38. Horses or ponies.

well it kinda depends on the equine

39. Do you wear a helmet?:

heck yes

40. What's the highest you've jumped:

two feet :) over a dressage arena chain

41. Have you ever ridden at night?:

haha yes!! bareback trailriding is much fun!!

42. Do you watch horsey television shows?:

yup! mostly animal cops and the whole time i scream at the tv that the punishments are not harsh enough

43. Have you ever been seriously hurt/injured from a fall?:

nope *knocks on wood*

44. Most falls in one lesson:

twice, india was PISSED

45. Do you ride in an arena/ring?:

yes i do

46. Have you ever been trampled by a horse?:

ummm......who hasn't???

47. Have you ever been bitten?:

yes, on the butt

48. Ever had your foot stepped on by a horse?:

almost everytime i see one

49: Favorite riding moment:

when i did a shoulder-in for the first time :)

50. Most fun horse you've ridden:

definatly india!!! but Sage comes close ;)

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