Monday, December 5, 2011


Once long ago there was a horse, this horse was black as coal and had an innate courage that could not be surpassed. Many tried to tame this horse, but their cruel methods could neither subdue him nor force his obedience. If the horse could not be ridden by a man then he would have to die, no one could pay to feed a useless horse. However this all changed the day the king’s son met this horse. He came using gentle methods to train the horse and horse learned to trust him. When the horse and boy could move as one, the boy gave the horse a name, Bucephalus. Bucephalus carried the boy, Alexander into battle, across deserts, and into new lands. Alexander conquered them all, and earned the name Alexander the Great. However Alexander never forgot Bucephalus, and when the mighty stallion died of battle wounds Alexander had him buried near a town that from then on bore the name of the horse buried there.

I have always been facinated by Bucephalus, and its always been my dream to own a horse that looks like him. Which is a little like saying "i wantz The black stallion!!!!"
Except lets face it Bucephalus is way more noble and mystical than the black stallion. ;)


Dressager said...

Look up Liath Macha (the grey of Macha, Irish goddess of war, horses, and sovereignty) the "king of horses" who carried Cuchullain in battle. Cool Irish history/mythology. You get the black stud and call him Bucephalus. I'll get the grey stud and call him Liath Macha. LET'S DO THIS.

Megan said...

That's a great story! It makes Alexander seem like a nice guy, even though he conquered lands and killed people etc. The picture is gorgeous as well!

Paigley said...

Alright bre its on now!! last one to dreamhorse is a rotten egg!!!

Thanks meghan!! i wrote it as the introduction for my senior project paper :) however the drawing is not mine XD

Dressager said...


aureliof said...

I came across your post and thought you might enjoy a piece i did on Bucephalus:

Good luck with your dressage work.

Paigley said...

aureliof: thank you!! i'll take a look at it :)