Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Karmas a Bitch

So short story of the day brings me back to first grade,
where i was mercilessly teased and bullied because i loved horses and me and my friends would "play horse"
I remember on numerous occasions coming home from school sobbing because they were so mean.

Well a couple clicks on facebook took me to their pages, where i discover, with unsuppressed glee that they are now dating girls who ride horses. Not only do they ride horses but they drag their boyfriends (the jerks who were so mean to me) to said horse shows, in the cold, the rain, and the blistering heat where they are employed at the lowest levels on the groom spectrum.

Their girlfriends all do hunters and not even good hunters, i'm talking about low level schooling shows. I could kick their butts any day of the week, and i'm a dressage rider!!

karma is a bitch boys, karma is a bitch....


Dressager said...

LOL That's amazing!

sarah catherine said...

NO REGRETS. playing horse at recess with you are some of my best elementary memories. js. (:

Paigley said...

It made me incredibly happy XD