Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh Pony...

          Lately in the Land of India...
India has learned how to do a lovely collected canter on the left lead, she can even collect the canter a bit further and really sit her little tushy down. It is absolutely lovely and feels like she's floating over the arena, Ground.. who needs it!!
The right lead? not as much.. i'm still trying to convince her that she can collect that lead just as much as the left lead.
I'm sure its something that i'm doing, cause you know all horses can do grand prix dressage already... it's these darn riders that need to learn a thing or two! 

India has also learned how to open my locker in front of her stall, and as you can see she loves to demonstrate for everyone. she's not dumb she knows where the treats are!
The funny part is she has now started to try and open everyone else's lockers! I was leading her to the wash rack and stopped to talk to a friend and wasn't paying attention to indie, in the middle of the conversation she starts laughing when i turned around india was trying to open friends locker and friends horse was pinning his ears and trying to nip her. Apparently Indie had encroached on his treat territory. 

She has also apparently re-discovered the joys of throwing her food bucket into the middle of the aisle. The stablehands got so fed up with her that they tied her feed bucket to the wall, and can i tell you how impressive this knot is?!? If i ever decide to move that bucket its gonna take a bowie knife to get it off that wall!! Now she just picks the bucket up and throws it over the stall guard where it hangs outside her stall. 
I swear this horses is too smart for her own good!


Megan said...

Her bad habits sound cute though!

Paigley said...

your right, at least she doesn't crib or anything!!

Dressager said...

Greta would do that if food wasn't coming fast enough, she'd throw her bucket across the aisle. Zip ties fixed that! Now that's she's in a paddock, she just sends nastygrams to the horses on either side of her paddock.

I am living vicariously through your riding ventures. Post more often. Nuff said.

Paigley said...

Your wish is my command madam ;)