Friday, March 4, 2011

In Which I Light my Horse on Fire.....

India's poor hips were hurting again. However I'd prefer I didn't  pay the ridiculous amount the chiropractic guy charged again, as I'm a broke student. My lovely mother did some research for me while i was studying for algebra II, and found a lady that does chiropractic work and acupuncture.
So she came out last night and started working on indie.
It was so cool to watch, did you know that acupuncture needles are about 6 inches long?? i didn't.
before i continue the rest of the story i have to tell everyone about my pathological fear of needles. I Cry. Everytime. And i might have once kicked my doctor in the nose.......maybe.
Needless to say the horse did much better than me. She didn't like the first one and tried to bite the lady holding her, but after the first one i think she actually enjoyed it (although i wouldn't really know because i couldn't watch her put the needle in)

After all the needles were in, she started to put these little pieces of rolled up paper on the needles and actually lit them on Fire. It's a little nerve racking to see your horse on fire. But after a while i got over myself and started to breathe again. Then she started doing chiropractics and really concentrated on her hips. After she was done, she said that the problem might not be in her muscles but her kidneys.
I'm going to try and explain this the best i can, but i'm no vet. The kidneys get impacted or something and hurts causing the muscles above them to tense up. Other than that i have no idea she started using big medical words that meant nothing to me. Good thing there was a vet tech at the barn that understood, i'll ask her about it later.
She said that giving her a medicine (that i can't for the life of me remember the name of) should flush out the kidneys and then she'll work on her again and relax the muscles. So i really hope this works because i really want her to enjoy work and not dread it.


Dressager said...

That does make sense, maybe she has an infection or "merp" (as my vet so wonderfully put it once) somewhere in her excretory tract. Are you going to have a vet check Miss Pony out?

As for needles.... dude, I watched a biopsy on my elbow get done yesterday and thought it was so cool, and remarked that it looked like Swiss cheese. I've given my horse IM shots. And I want to be a medical examiner or something of the sorts, so that might say something about my morbidity. I would definitely freak out at the fire part. Did you ask her WHY she did that????

Paigley said...

yeah she said it made the needles warm and relaxed the muscles better

ahhhhh!!..............needles *shiver*