Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mary Wanless Clinic

The clinic was so much fun!! i learned so much its ridiculous, i once again realized how messed up my body is when i ride, but in a good way!! I tilt my pelvis back to do a down  transition (big no-no). I was relying too much on my stirrups to post. I was leaning WAY too far back, and numerous other funky shit.
Most of the problems i had fixed by day three and really don't have to think about fixing them all that much anymore, except not tilting my pelvis. Which two weeks later i have finally figured out how to not do.
instead of trying to "scoop" my horse to get the transition, i need to anchor my knees and pull my seatbones back (slingshot) and squeeze with my knees. However i also learned that no matter what your doing you have to give your horse a direction and then release!! I can't drag the direction out and expect the transition or movement to be crisp and immediate.
In other words. Tell the horse what to do and get out of their way so they can!!


Yeah i felt real smart about then......

oh well i know now, and its all part of the journey :)


photogchic said... cool to get instruction from Mary! You look great! I love when you leave clinics packed with tons of good stuff to work on and feeling like you made that sort of progress.

Anonymous said...

it was very cool!! :)
i do love that feeling

Dressager said...

I also use my stirrups a bit more than I should. Yeah, I can post without stirrups but it's HARDDDDDDDD. But enough whining from me.... I LOVE that transition tidbit, so true! Sounds like a productive clinic!

Paigley said...

it really was i really found some major holes in my riding XP
that i should have found sooner....but oh well their fixed now

buckpony said...

You are an incredibly lovely rider! And I love your horse! Videoing your rides is very smart - I used to watch my jumping videos over and over and over....keep up the awesome work!!!