Thursday, November 18, 2010

Long time no see!!

So school is made of fail right now, all my teachers decided to schedule their before-break tests at the SAME TIME!! and mid-terms is coming, and I've been lucky to get to the barn twice in a week. Two days out of seven is horrible!! we're making very limited progress and I'm just really put out about the whole thing.

But in other news.......THANKSGIVING!!!!
break starts in t-minus 20 hours and i have all elective classes tomorrow, thank the good lord in heaven!!

So in horse news on Saturday I'm going to be the "official dressage ambassador" for a therapeutic riding center, I'm going to be riding first level test four. Which I'm excited about because i love that test, like i love it :)

And I'm going to force into photography service some unlucky soul that is going to video me riding, cause how many times is one a demo rider in life??

Also we might be able to sneak indie up to Evie's to go visit Roamer and Armani over break, and hopefully start laying the groundwork down for third level and play around with the second level tests. So i can go get ma bronze medal!! ;)

Oh!! i almost forgot!!
Shout out to Ms Stephanie Bedford, CONGRATS on being a working student for Hassler Dressage!! We're all rooting for you, while secretly being really really jealous ;) love you and the big red guy!!


Dressager said...

Ah, sweet, how exciting!
And ditto about school. Effing ditto.

Paigley said...

I hate school with the burning passion of a thousand suns.......same for boys :P

Anonymous said...


Thanks babycakes! Go steal someone to take pictures of you - def. wants to see!

Paigley said...

ahahah!! no problem love XD
we got a couple pictures but their reaaallllyyy blurry :P
maybe i should teach my mom to use the camera before i make her take pictures