Sunday, November 21, 2010

Demo+Red Horse Update

The therapeutic Riding Demo was so much fun!!
I would do it again in a heartbeat. Basically what i did was ride around following instructions while Missy Ransehousen narrated the ride. For those of yall that don't know Missy Ransehousen is the US Para Dressage team coach, who coaches Rebecca Hart. Who is in my opinion the best para-rider the US has. That and i love her horse :)
It was so much fun to meet Missy and one of her able-bodied riders, who rode a big chestnut tb from Australia who was so pretty!!
The only pictures we have of me were so blurry there is no point in putting them up, but i might be able to find some on the internet from their website, so we will see.

India was so good, i'm so proud of her!!
There were lots of kids diabled and abe-bodied in the metal stands that were jumping on the stands and dropping crutches during my ride and indie didn't even blink an eye. We got to show off some of the basic first level moves but mostly did the equivilent of training level, because there were three riders and the second rider was only riding second level and there had to be a distinction between riders.

So needless to say me and indie were kinda bored doing endless 20 meter and 15 meter and ten meter circles. I swear if india could talk this is what the ride would have sounded like
 "mom mom mom mom mom mom moooooooom moooooooooooom!!! i'm boooreed........are we done yeett??"
but she behaved herself and did some nice collected and extended canter, and everyone loved her.
Highlight of the Demo: being asked if i was going to the Olympics next year and being told that india was a perfect angel and the best part of the demo :)
Thanks for the awesome opportunity ms. Shelley!! and thanks for volunteering me ms. lisa!!

So on to the red horse, who is so smart its not even funny. You can teach him something and come back a week later and pick up right where you left off.
So right now we're just working on keeping his noodly self straight and his head down and reaching for the bit, and taking a little more contact on the inside rein.

after only about three weeks we already have before and after pictures for walk and trot and actually being able to take a pictue of canter and concentrate enough to take a picture instead trying to take a picture and all you can think is "oh my lawd...........damn, its like a box of cockroaches, legs everywhere"

Brown shirt= me
Blue shirt= leslie
Black shirt= lindzay

i look like a peanut!!


Dressager said...

Ahhh, sounds like so much fun!!

photogchic said...

What a cool experience!

Paigley said...

it really was, i had so much fun!!