Monday, November 1, 2010

Introducing Kenai!!

Yeah a new pony to ride!!
well "pony" is a relative term seeing as he is 17.1 hands.
and i'm 5'2......i look a peanut.

He is an off the track race horse, whose official jockey club name is Going for Broke.
needless to say he didn't go and his owners went broke. 

Our cowboy friend picked him up for about $100 and called us and said "i have your new dress-edge horse!!, his name is tiny!!"
He is a three year old so he's still growing, heaven help us. He's chesnut and has a white blaze. He needs to gain about 200 pounds, i don't like my dressage horses racing thin. We already renamed him, Kenai which is a national park in alaska.
He is the sweetest thing ever, nothing bothers him at all. His gaits are going to be HUGE once he learns to use himself correctly they are already big.
He's one of the nicest OTTBs i've ever seen, once his shoulders catch up with his butt.

My mom is technically going to be training him since she's started more horses then me, but i think we all know who is going to end up riding him most in the end ;)

Right now we're just working on getting him to round his back and reach for the bit, how to turn not like a western horse, and getting off your leg. He's already got the jist of turning correctly and putting his head down at walk and trot. and this is the third time he's been ridden in dressage, smart buggar.

By the way he will probably be for sale as soon as he is showing training level and training first level, so save your pennies!!


Dressager said...

LOL at the second paragraph. Pictures!!! And yay for taking on an OTTB challenge!

Paigley said...

you missy need to buy him once he's trained ;)
he's nice and tall!!

yeah i'm going to be getting videos of him sorta like a before and after

photogchic said...

I want pictures!!! Sounds fantastic.

Paigley said...

i'll put some up right now