Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Ten Commandments of India

India has always been a special cookie. In riding terms she has never followed the rule book, she's written her own dressage rule book. So for you're entertainment I have written down some of India's "How to ride India" Rules.

1) Thou shalt not bother with thy pony's face

2) Thou shalt only bother with the pony's ribcage

3) Lateral work shall be done at least 62% of every ride

4) Transitions must be executed frequently by thy butt

5) Thou shall not touch thy pony's face unless to give directions*

6) Thy leg shall remain by thy girth

7) Thou shalt release thy inside rein at any opportunity

8) Thy hands shall not become busy

9) Thou shalt quit while thou are ahead

10) Thou shalt disregard all previous commandments when thy pony changes all the rules halfway through every ride

*seriously thy least amount of contact possible

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