Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rode Rave and India today. They were both wonderful (as usual. i'm the one that messes things up)
One of my moms students rode India but all they did was walk and not for very long, so I got on after and did about 10 more minutes. She was LOVELY. Today was the first day since her rehab started that she was perfectly willing to keep her head down. Which is a huge step forward! She wasn't as responsive to my flexions as i would have liked, but considering the girl that rode before me doesn't even really understand flexions i was pretty happy and let the issue lie. We also did some lateral work and a couple simple changes, she still has some barge through the down transistion but much better than before we started operant conditioning. When I have more time I should do a basic write up about operant conditioning. Tomorrow is her day off so I can work on flexions and the barge on Tuesday no problem! 

Rave mostly paid attention, but since she's only been doing actual work since this past November its to be expected! And she's only 6.Thank god she's not 5, i'm not sure i'm ready to go through the 5 year old year again this soon. I need some time to recover! Zuli turned five and suddenly wanted to live on her hind legs. And there was no half assing her rearing.... she went all the way up or not at all! So anyway Rave... Her walk and trot are becoming quite respectable so today I decided its really time to tackle the canter. I usually don't touch canter for a good while after I get a horse, and I got her in October and have maybe cantered 13 times since? But its finally time to be a big girl and learn about canter transistions. Her down tranisitions are actually not bad, I made sure she had very good brakes before I even went to trot. I'm not a fan of careening around the arena. It is unnecessary. If you can't walk correctly whats the point in trotting??  

She doesn't quite understand the transistion yet so it's going to be a bit ugly for a while. Which is fine it's all part of the process. And plus I have a big fat ZERO show plans for her any time soon! 
Which is more of a relief than one would guess. Theres no time limit, no pressure, and no real expectations except the ones I determine. Which if we're being honest are pretty difficult to live up to on my own let alone add in showing on top of me. 

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