Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crazy Busy Craziness...

So Life is absolutely insane right now....
School. Mom. Brother. School. Riding. School. Vet. School. Bills to Pay. and last but not least....School.

But pony oony pastaroni has been an angel lately!
Her collected canter feels like floating on a cloud...floating on a fucking cloud.
She can now stay collected and actually complete a circular less-than-10-meters circle and it feels wonderful!!
Canter pirouettes will not be a problem for her at all... Extended trot, that however will be a problem...
We are training third level and can barely get a medium trot...its sad. I actually have videos of us trying to get a medium trot with my trainers voice in the background saying "thats just depressing...well atleast its only two scores"

But anyway in other news India is very tired....all the time. At first I was all like "well she has been working really hard i'll just give her a couple days off" but she was just as tired as before. She doesn't look sick, she isn't sore i massaged her entire spine/neck/poll/hocks/...face, and she looks fine on the ground. But under saddle she has NO energy. She's not droppingtothegroundrightnow! tired but she just has no energy, so the vet-icles is coming to look at her on wednesday.
I'll keep ya'll posted.


Dressager said...

Greta has the same problem. STELLAR walk and canter and a decent trot. So you're not alone on this. But you know, it could be worse lol! At least they HAVE gaits ;)

If the vet can't find anything (I hope they don't) maybe she's bored? Lack of certain nutrients can also lead to lethargy, but I think that can only be determined by a blood test.

Hopefully HRH will keep on keeping on!

jenj said...

Any chance she has Lyme? I hope your vet figures it out!

Paigley said...

honestly i hope four days off will make her feel better :/
and that be that.
and i'm just happy she canters PERIOD!! because her mother was gaited XD

Paigley said...

I honestly have no idea if she has lyme disease :/