Thursday, July 28, 2011

USPC Championships 2011

Well everyone :) It was awesome!!
May i point out.....second year in a i get a prize for that?!? XD

promoting the annual meeting, i'm one of the kids holding the DSR sign in the middle

Jog outs!!

Indie enjoying her stall at the kentucky horse park

Getting ready to ride :)

our adventure outside the arena during the freestyle

I got a 62%, 20%,58%, 61%
obviously day two wasn't good :P but we pulled it all together day three and got a 61% from a really really tough judge and i couldn't be more proud of my little paint pony :D

We got so many compliments it was amazing (my favorite was from a tiny little kid asking if i was going to the olympics) Everyone loved India!! :) it just does my heart good, and i haven't stopped smiling for days :D


buckpony said...

Way to go, Paige!! Congratulations on your hard work paying off. I am a bit jealous that I am too old for PC and I long for those stressful as they were! Lovely photos - and it looks like you stuck like glue when your pony decided to act silly outside of the ring. Give yourself a pat on the back for sticking with it, even though it was difficult at times. :) You deserve to be rewarded. Now on to the next exciting adventure!

buckpony said...

Hey - are you a member of Deep South Region PC? You don't happen to know Lexi Pejnovic, do you? We PC'ed together a loooong time ago and I believe she still works with Deep South. Anyway, just curious to know if you know an old horse buddy of mine!

Dressager said...

Congrats again, girlie.

I wish I had done PC or JR/YR or something like that. It's a bit late to get started haha! I would probably be a LOT farther than I am now. I'll get to GP right before I am wheeled off to the old folks home at this rate!

Paigley said...

haha thanks buckpony!!
i have never personally met lexi but i'm sure you could find her on the USPC website

Bre you need to join pony club!! its not too late, we just had a 23 year old join for the first time and she loves now you have no excuse

buckpony said...

Thanks! I actually just caught up with Lexi a couple of Saturdays ago when she was passing through my area on her way home from a trip (and we're friends on that crazy FB):). It was so neat to see her and another gal I PC'ed with so many years ago. Those ties that bind us PCer's together are amazingly strong. Maybe it's because we had to rely on each other so much during ratings, rallies and championships and all other aspects of PC to provide support through the good times and the not so good.
I admire your determination and perseverance...and am so proud of you as a representative of Pony Club. I am also looking forward to seeing you ride Grand Prix one day... So you and Indy keep up all that hard work! :)

Paigley said...

you have to be best friends with your pony club team....where else could one teenage girl ask another teenage girl to clean a shealth while she's attempting to tie a stock tie?? XD

buckpony said...

LOL!! So true!
Have a blast riding with Heather!