Friday, June 17, 2011

Into the land of.....Helmets

So while i was in Dallas for a wedding we stopped in at the Dover store and bought a new helmet, because sadly my old troxel is dented and scratched and broken and has bits falling off....
its never good when parts of your helmet are falling off, or when someone comes into the barn after riding and hands you a big piece of black plastic and says "....umm this is yours, it came off your helmet while you were riding" 
Nope not good at all. So even though i do love my troxel-ator it was time for a new helmet. After trying on lots of helmets that really didn't fit at all i succumbed to the inevitable and went to the "Charles Owens/IRH/GPA" Section. There i was greeted with a very nice young sales lady standing in front of a wall of suede covered protection. I slowly picked up a GPA, while the nice sales lady suddenly transformed into a vulture slowly craning her neck to check the price tag of the helmet i had picked up. I followed her gaze and saw the numbers "$584.89", I tossed the helmet back on the stand and stared at the sales lady, then quickly straighten the helmet in a manner any disney animator would have been thrilled to copy.
 After that near fatal accident i was more cautious about what i picked up. I eventually fell in love with the IRH XR9, a beautiful piece of suede and awesome. So as i'm standing in front of this wall of sueded-protection clutching my prize, glad i've made it this far without being devoured by a rabid price-tag, i hear my 15 year old brother come up behind me "hey  sis look at this i look like one of the SS!!" i whirled around just in time to see my little brother, poor naive child that he is, doing the hitler march with a 200 dollar charles owens skull cap on his head. 
I look over at the counter where the other sales vultures have nested, to see them descending like a rain that never ends. My guess would be that its not good for business to sell skull caps with dents in them....or to have people doing the hitler march in the middle of their store. 
"Stop marching!!.....and surrender the helmet!!" "but why?....." turns his head to see the never-ending rain of death swiftly approaching. "here you go!!" He tossed me the helmet, i stared at my impending doom approaching while clutching both helmets, then quickly replaced the skull cap on the rack. Then we both made a run for the counter, where i dumped the IRH helmet and a bottle of fly spray and said "i'll take these" 


Dressager said...

LOL Dude, I want a CO, but their cheaper helmets are NOT cool and the only one with vents is over $300. I'll stick with my IRH. They're good helmets, you made a wise choice, grasshopper.

Dressager said...

Wait a minute.... you were in DALLAS?

Paigley said...

why thank you sensei ;)
yep my cousin got married to the most amazing girl ever!! but yes i was in dallas