Friday, June 10, 2011

And Stay Away!!!

India has a problem. She likes to flip her head and evade contact.

I've tried pretty much everything to fix it, nothing worked.

No allergies.
Got her teeth done.
No contact.
Lots of contact.
Tons of fly spray.
New bridle.
New Bit.
Well i was riding today and the lady that owns the barn came up and said "you know i had a thought...what if the bit is sitting too low in her mouth?" well i had that checked before by the pony club nazis, they all said it was perfect. Well honestly by this point, what the heck we might as well try it...
The head flipping stopped. She flipped it a couple times but those were rider error and i know how to fix those. So i think she just likes it higher than the books say to put it. And honestly whatever makes her happy (with the exception of me just not riding) i'm up for it!!


Dressager said...

Huh! She's just a rebel ;)

Paigley said...

apparently!! XD

buckpony said...

Love it - not every pony goes by the books! :) Hopefully that will do the trick!

She is absolutley precious and you guys make a great team. I wish I could have sent you my little mare I sold a couple of years back, Filly. She sounds a lot like your India. I sould her to an experienced Pony Clubber who loves her, but is too big for her. I think they are going to make a broodmare out of her, but I hate that - Filly was a lovely TBX 14.1 hand pony that was gorgeous under saddle. I just didn't have time to work with her and she developed bad habits I couldn't fix - plus she intimidated the heck out of me. Hopefully the new owner can find a small adult or kid to ride Filly. :) Anywhoo, I love your blog and can't wait to see what happens when you move to England to train! (are you serious about that?) One of my best friends did - and she does not have any regrets!

Paigley said...

awww i wish i could have worked with her, i love working with horses that have bad habits, and one of my favorite heights too!!
Yes!! i'm really going to England!! i'm so excited i can barely hold it in, my friends call it the E word now, because everytime they say england i go on and on about it XD