Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why hallo thur!!

So lifes been CRAZY lately what with exams (and prom! which i still don't have a dress for...) coming up, and making arrangements for mississippi movin :) and the fact that i got sick for a whole week  and then the first day i felt better indie got a deep cut on her.....vulva. How did she hurt that part of her body?? I still don't understand what happened, the barn vet tech guy (whose clueless....) insists that she sat on wire and cut herself.
Number one:
ummm what?? sat on wire?? as you can see in the picture, i highly doubt she sat on wire.

Number Two:
what the hell aren't you telling me?? i would looove to know.

Number Three:
it probably happened when he once again turned the batshit crazy tennesse walker out in the wrong pasture, because i know that horse chases anything in sight and has gone after indie and me teeth bared going for the jugular

But i digress...
Other than that not a whole has been going on, i got indie's back worked on again by the lady that does accupuncture and chiropractics, and she was a lot better!!
Ie: Indie didn't try and kill the poor lady this time :)
and she taught me how to put her pelvis back in its socket, because it justs comes out that much

Putting a pelvis back in is very simple, you put your hands on top of the point of the hip and point then toward the horses front feet. Then you push and hold for a couple seconds and then push again but harder. And the hip will usually just pop right back in, but you might have to do it a couple times. The only thing is when i say it pops....i'm not kidding it sounds really loud. and i will admit that the first time i did it successfully, i totally freaked out and thought i had broken her...ooops XD

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