Monday, April 18, 2011

Lazy lazy lazy.....Imma Bum

And the reason imma bum is because apparently walking around the french quarter with a sick person is not conductive to being healthy..... who knew

So i went up to see my second Mother and David and to get two lessons :)
However since i'm being a complete bum i'm not going to give you, the poor readers a play by play but instead just write out my lesson notes, since i've never done that on here before. And who knows they might give someone who's never taken a Mary lesson some insight into her teaching methods......or at least i can hope
slingshot, seatbones away from knees

make X smaller point to opposite ears

make right board longer, jack up ribcage

lace up shoulders
button down front

beardown in lower back

lean forward from waist, bend at high pants line, bum doesn't move
beardown in bottom abs

right shoulder point toward left ear, and bring up

in leg yield lead horse out with outside rein

keep both seatbones plugged in, just think move over and if she stops get after her with leg then leave her alone

soccer ball under right arm

more beardown than reins

if you tell her to go and she doesn't kick multiple times rapidly
the "go" aid is one swift kick not a squeeze

For those of you who aren't familar with Mary Wanless, no one starts out with the stuff i just described i've been working with her for about seven years so this is the more advanced stuff, and i still haven't even scratched the surface XD

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