Monday, April 26, 2010

Where did April go?!?!?

i must be OCD because apparently i can't post without a picture, whatever inner OCD!! i'm breakin out!!
So not much has been going on lately except some crap that i'm not going to discuss here yet, jury's still out.
But on the India front she has been stellar these past few rides!!
I've really been focusing on collection because i wanna go to Second Level!! and thats the only piece we are missing. Its really not that she can't do it, she can, she is just not strong enough to hold the level of suspension needed for the actual test. Any ideas on strengthening collecting muscles?? Shoulder-in has been soft and forward, and her leg-yield has gotten so much more precise, i really feel like i own every single step, not every other step. Walk pirouettes are still coming along, they are getting better and slightly smaller now instead of being the size of russia we've moved to a  more brazil sized one. But thats okay with me because i really did teach her walk pirouettes way too early, so big they are. Simple changes are now down to three steps of walk, its hard to actually convince her that yes i really do want her to go from the canter to walk, not a walkish trotty thing....ish. (i guess that would technically be considered the second missing piece of second level.....oh well)

Did i mention Counter-canter??
oh yes counter canter is pretty legit right now, we can now go into corners and not die or zoom around them at Lightspeed, Sucess!!
My show clothes for dressage rally came in yesterday and let me tell you they are pretty spiffy. Black coat, White breeches, stock tie, indie's show bridle (which is really her everday bridle but cleaner), white spotless saddlepad
we are going to look like i actually know what i'm doing!!

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