Friday, April 30, 2010

Thats Lame!!

Yup honey bunches of oats has a sore hoof (insert collective booing)
i don't know what caused it but she was just off, no swelling, no heat, no pulse.......well obviously she has a pulse.....just not in her leg....ok??
So me being the good horse mommy i am banged her tail, cut her feathers located on her fetlock (i'm studying for pony club can anyone tell??) and cut her mane. Just look how beautiful it is!!
That my friends was done with scissors, not pulled, not clipped, scissors. I haz skillz.

And i love this picture, i took it, just sayin. it looks like shes on a hill. which is actually an illusion because the land here is as flat as a pancake.

i also got some cool videos of her grazing, well as cool as grazing can be i tried to make them artistic, i think i failed but everyone else thinks they are good, but that's beside the point
I also just sat on her bareback while she grazed and laid down on her rump. Only afterwards did i realize that the vet school had sent a group of future vets techs to look at some horses, right outside where i was laying on my horse sticking my butt in the air.       Awesome.
But all in all good relaxing day, if nothing else i am positive :)

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