Friday, December 11, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away.......oh i give up

no post is complete without a picture of India!!

Ok so it's been raining here a lot, like someone dumped a bucket of water on us. The indoor has been under construction and last time i looked at the outdoor a pirahanna almost got my foot and India spooked at a shark......sooo the only available place is the indoor roundpen. Don't get me wrong i like our roundpen its just that after a week of not being able to ride because of school then when i do get the chance all we have is the roundpen....frustrating. There is a lot of stuff we can do in the round pen but i can't work on anything thats not in circle, that includes working on simple changes which we almost had down to three steps...once again frustrating. India also can't go outside because it's so wet, now when most of you think "oh the field is wet and there is some standing water but mostly puddles" ok, no, when i say wet i mean there is almost 1 foot of water in that field. So i'm going to introduce you guys to some of my fav animals that happen to reside in barns that i am in or used to be in
so this is Lovey, who is a thirteen hand pony and is the sweetest pony ever....not even kidding.....ever and she has been on here before!! if anyone remembers the escaping pony?? yep thats her.

this is Rosetta and Baron, we used to own Rosetta, and got two HOT babies from her. and the other is Baron, we think he was abused and has people issues, so he only really likes his owner, who does equine massage!! So Rosetta and Baron are two lucky ponies!!
so this is roxi, Rosettas daughter, who we own, but is now for sale, because she is really really HOT. Incredibly sensitive.

This Prissy, and she lives up to her name. She also likes to be scratched on the butt with a pitchfork :)

And so without further the horse that taught me shoulder-in!!!
This is Viki who my mom used to ride, but she has navicular and she is just more comfortable not being ridden.

This is sage, i took some lessons on her and she is great!!
(that's not me riding her)

Hope you guys enjoyed!!


Anonymous said...

Your sharks must of been hanging out with the scary letter E at my barn. Silly ponies!

Anonymous said...

Your sharks must of been hanging out with the scary letter E at my barn. Silly ponies!

Paigeley said...

most likely... although the scary horse eating arena post is the one to watch out for!!