Friday, November 27, 2009

Harmony Farm Show

Sorry for not writing about this bad!!

Anyways i did training level test 3 and 4, because this was Indie's first show in a year and i wanted to do something easy. I really enjoy these two test because i can really see how USDF (or whoever makes the tests) is really trying to ease riders up to the next level. While i was learning them, i was thinking "oh that sets you up for a lengthening, and this is for leg-yield" Very cool realization. So when we got there i went to school in the ring with some others from my level, and india spazzed out the entire time. She was spooking at everything. I could see the wheels turning in the other riders minds "wow look at that paint.....if it gets any closer i'm gonna die...........AHHHHH!!!!!"
But Yeah.......anyways we eventually worked all the energy out of her till she was puffing. Then the next day me and M walked over to the jumper show next door, because the jumper always have the cool stuff. There were two mobile tack shops, not one but two!! I got some sexy tall boots that were about $200, but i got them on sale for $35, Go Me!!
Then the Trainer wanna-be rode her fourth level was painful to watch. She had this poor horses head almost on his chest. I would have given her a piece of my mind if number one: i was a legal adult and number two: i spoke dutch.
damn language barrier
Back to my ride. First was test three and India was really good, i however was a basket case. I pulled it together long enough to pull a 60% out of a hat. Then another girl did test three, after her was me...again.
Note: i HATE being first, i like to watch someone do the test before me so i know i'm about to do the right one.
Test Four i was a lot less nervous and India was more impulsed so we pulled off a 67%
i was so proud of her!! i don't know if anyone remembers but last show we got a 53% and 58%
Next Show i'm going to be doing first level test one and might be doing test two also.
We ended up winning JR high point and JR training level champion, and as i was walking back to my stall all at once thousands of fans that wanted my autograph desended on me!!!..........just kidding! :)
Happy Holidays!!


Dressager said...

The language barrier is good! You can say whatever you want and not get in trouble! That is, of course, if they don't English. I'm sure she probably knew a bit. Yeah, but the legal adult thing I can't help ya with lol.

Paigeley said...

unfortunatly her husband speaks a little english, and is big....and scary. sooo not telling her!!